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Customer Testimonials and Stories

"A tire on my cab blew out on the highway at speed and grabbed my Minimizer fender and bracket, twisting and bending them. I assumed they had been destroyed. My assumption was wrong. When I took the Minimizer fender off it literally started popping itself back into shape. A quick weld of the bracket and that was good to go too. Everything was back on the truck and I was working again the next day.

In the past I had been through two sets of aluminum fenders that were destroyed under similar circumstances. I watched the Minimizer promotional video Tested & Tortured and became a believer. I'm sure glad I ordered Minimizer fenders. These are going to come with me to my future rigs. They protect my truck, the custom graphics, my spring hangers, and my loads better than anything on the road."

-Chris Schaper, Alberta, Canada

"We have been using Minimizer fenders since the Minimizer twins were barely as tall as a 24.5” tire, at least 15 years or more. We have a fleet of trucks that haul fish for lobster bait and to sardine plants in New England & Canada. The Minimizer plastic fenders are great around the saltwater on thecoast of Maine.

Also, we now have a fleet of yacht transport trucks that run in all 48 states and Canada. Keeping the yachts as clean as possible is key for keeping our customers happy. The rounded-over edges on the fenders keep thespray and road grime down to a minimum. I’m actually trying to figure out what I want to put on a few new trucks we have recently purchased for local and long haul, so many choices now!

We additionally use Minimizer toolboxes because of the saltwater environment, hope they come in chrome soon. Overall it’s a great product if you’re not afraid to spend a little extra upfront to do it right the first time."

- Ken Follett, Transport Manager for O’Hara Corporation

Burch Truck

"Thank you for a very good product. It saves stone chips and in wet conditions it helps keep the trailer and truck cleaner.

I think my 1988 LTL 9000 Ford looks very complete with them on. I am going to put them on one or two more semi-tractors as soon as I get frames painted. So again, thank you."

- Douglas Erickson


"We are really impressed with these fenders. Figured I would send you some pictures. Thanks again."

- Dan Shrock

“We’ve got to protect those loads. We’ve been using Minimizer fenders for years because we know it’s going to keep our flat bed loads clean and safe. In this business security and protection are of the utmost importance”

“We’ve been doing this work for 15 years. You need the right equipment, top secret clearance, and the a good track record. We rely on critical parts like our Minimizer fenders to make sure we do things right, each time, the first time.”

-Bob & Andrea Haubrick

Haubrick Truck

Burch Truck

“What else is going to protect my investment that well? I wanted to protect the new gas tanks and other new parts on the truck and I still haul grain from the farm field with it. Aluminum cracks, poly fenders work great for farming and in this area of the country where we have lots of rough roads.”

“In agriculture we beat the heck out of our fenders. We’re trailering out of ditches with steep grades with little clearance, the fenders invariably with intersect with the trailer and this causes other fenders to bend, break or crack. Not the Minimizer.”

“I have several trucks and each one has a set of Minimizer poly fenders,” Kelley bragged. “When I run to the elevator or around town I get questions and I hand them a catalog. A lot of farmers around here use them, it’s a quality product.”

-Kelley Burch

Mike Gilbertson's truck

“The product is great and really works with our custom rig. The consistency in visuals and the ability of the fender to protect the custom graphics package are second to none. When we needed assistance with the installation the Minimizer technical support team was there and ready. It was easy!”

“This is an ideal fender for our custom rig,” continued Mike, “it can handle the over the road punishment of going from show to show. Minimizer poly fenders give us the look, feel and quality we need and the confidence to know our investment in custom graphics will be protected."

- Mike Gilbertson

“It’s as if the loaders use fenders for target practice… The poly fenders from Minimizer take the abuse. They’re perfect, I love ‘em!”

“The metal fenders would get slammed and there was nothing you could do about it except get rid of them and get new ones…  So I did, I got the Minimizer fenders. I first saw the quarter fenders on a friend’s truck and was really impressed.”

“I had one misfortune while towing my low bed. I went around a corner and the trailer dropped into a dip, the fender was mashed and I broke the rear mount. The fender survived no problem, just some scuffs from the tire hitting it, and I easily rebuilt the rear mount. A metal fender I would have thrown away. Good to go again with the Minimizer!”

- ‘Kipp’ Bertelsen


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